3D Mnemosyne’s Scent: Final

000 The 3 big themes:

  • Planes
  • Scent
  • Memories  

My group mate is AZIZAH 🙂

001 Concept

The word memories instantly reminded me of my classmates. I wanted to do something based on the class (again). My classmates are my inspiration 

There goes Hui En and her nonsense


We had to include scent into our model as well. I had tea and coffee from the previous session.

Thank you Azizah for putting this together!

This gave me another idea.

In our  ongoing journey as ADM art students, we often drink tea or coffee to keep ourselves awake. I still remember my classmates buying coffee from Can 2. and trying to stay awake in class.

To be honest, I do not hate coffee. I’m totally okay with coffee. Because of the memories I associate with it now.

In class, my group mate and I went around to ask everyone whether they preferred tea or coffee. We got an interesting survey result: 50% tea, 50% coffee.

Another thing about tea and coffee is that they are often associated together. Just like how we have both good and bad memories in this one sem.


We figured our classmates are going to go crazy with the use of material, but we took some time to consider some stuff.

We wanted our choice of material to express our concept as well.

In the end, we decided to use hard paper and art card. These are indeed very simple materials.

Just like my friends from G6, they all seem ordinary. However, every one of them has their own strength. They are all special and unique in their own way. Paper, which seems simple can become something extraordinary. It is to signify potential as well.

In fact, we planned not to use glue at all in our artwork. We decided to use other methods like piercing (what we learnt) and not use glue.

It is to show the concept that G6 doesn’t need something like glue to be as a whole.

We are a bonded class. HAHA.

002 Research:


a variation of origami that includes cutting of the paper, rather than solely folding the paper as is the case with origami, but typically does not use glue.

By Hena Wang: Wave Kirigami

It is amazing how paper can be used to create such delicate and interesting artworks.

Paper Fashion:

I probably have a thing for paper. You have no idea how picky I am when it comes to paper. I take forever every time I go out to buy sketchbooks or sketch pads just because I’m so picky. Especially watercolour paper.

I guess I have a thing for paper. Which sounds totally weird.

By Inspiwrit: Manifesto – Paper Fashion.
People’s Daily Online: Paper Fashion

Paper Sculpture:

Credits to Azizah who put these together!



Paper has potential.

So is everyone in my class.

Light and Shadow

We wanted to play with light and shadows in our model. We hope to create a model that shows an implied 6 when its shadow is casted.

Credits to Azizah who put these together!

003 Process


Playing around with art card and gold/silver card


We tried both cutting and folding the art card. Folding it was not a good idea because the art card is so hard. It was a bad idea. At least we know that’s the case.


Some snaps!


Me being Me, I injured myself again. I accidentally cut myself using pen knife.

I had a deep cut right under my nails.

No, wait. I just realised I cut off some part of my nail too.

I should be careful. Everyone should.

Thank you, everyone, who helped me, while I  panicked after I cut myself.


Cutting gold strips! Featuring Hannah <3

Playing with a piece of art card:



Testinf out Light and Shadow:






Trying again!



And heres our main piece:

It looks like a sea shell

Playing with light and shadow:



Can you see that hidden 6!

Trying out on the wall:

Can u see the implied 6!

Okay . Need to stop using memes.

We even tried different sizes to experiment:


Putting the parts in slowly and testing out after we slot in the golden strips.

After trying several compositions, we finally came up with our final.

004 Final



We did not use any glue at all. We used piercing and it worked.

It’s supposed to be a small hat to be worn.

There are severl hidden 6 in the shadows.

If you noticed, the white part resmbles a sea shell.

  • D: White part
  • SD: Gold loops
  • SO: SIlver strip


Symbolises love and protection.

Day 21~ Sea Shells, their Meanings and Magick

Our Sea shell also spirals upwards. This is to express the idea that we believe each and every one of our classmates will continue to improve and take flight in their major after they specialise. I believe they will develop quickly in their comfort zone and area of interest.

Dear friends who are reading this, I believe in you.

Number 6:

Symbolises completeness, beauty and high ideals.


The Pythagoreans acknowledged number 6 to be the first perfect number.

In mathematics a perfect number is when all the numbers divisors (excluding the number itself) are added, the sum equals the number itself. 1+2+3=6I hope this  model expressed out feelings clearly.

Gold and Silver

Represent the scent of coffee and tea.

Coffee is something rich and it lingers. It’s scent tend to surround and tease. Thus we looped the gold strips. The length and size of loop suggests the intensity of the scent of coffee. It is also our attempt in playing with voids.

Tea on the other hand has a scent that may stick but not stay.

Does it make sense

I think sometimes there is this tanginess to it. But afterwards it quickly fades.

Thus we used a short but thicker strip.

The final product is supposed to be a hat:

Some shots:

004 Reflection

I think everything else was successful expect the shadow part. I think we could have made it more obvious.

As in the number 6.

Anyways, I learnt that paper is on the same level as foam. They are both amazing and good materials.

Especially when you know how to use them.


The shadow was not shown well during the fashion walk. Ms Cheryl commented that it was too fast, and I could have slowed down and posed.

Oh wells.

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