4D Miles Ahead: Installation (Final)

Before you proceed, enjoy a trailer created by Editor and Director FENDI


Installation: Set up


We first fixed the projector’s position before we could proceed onto setting up the conspiracy board.

While the rest helped with projection, I continued trimming news paper and destroying  school magazines.

Our Behind the Scenes, produced by Editor and Director FENDI

It was tiring but the result was amazing!

Installation: Final

For this installation, we want our audience to feel the plausibility of this scenario. The installation is curated to fit Hannah’s current character – being naturally outgoing, enjoys creating videos, while having destructive tendencies. As we delve into Hannah’s mind, we hope it triggers our audience into thinking of the circumstance where this may be true.                                                                                      

-Miles Ahead Team, 2017

001 Space

Basement 1 Stairwell, near the animation drawing lab.

It is echo-y and dark, which helps to establish the mood and atmosphere of our installation.

FInal set up

The audience get to choose which video they would like to see first to find out what exactly is happening in this installation. The difference is sequence helps to give them a different experience. The element of choice adds on to the idea of interaction.

002 Conspiracy Board

We actually used an easel to prop up the board. It made positioning the materials a little more difficult as the board is no longer flat on the wall.

In addition, the articles spill out from the board, adding in chaos to the set up. It also suggests that things are crawling or spawning out from a corner. This is to establish Miles’ state of mind. Her thirst for blood perhaps?

As the viewers walk in further, they get to read the articles on the board. All articles are carefully chosen and positioned. The red strings are also positioned with reason and logic to make it more realistic.

Some articles I prepared:


With Red light:





The red light is used to establish a sinister mood.

Red is a colour associated with danger, threat and blood.

Thus we used red light to highlight Miles’ state of mind.


003 Photos, news paper on the wall

On the left of the conspiracy board, the audience sees 2 rows of photos.

The photos on the left of the board are actually stalker photos taken by our Cineto Joel

There are empty spaces on the wall, suggesting some are missing. The photos are positioned deliberately so show that Miles is curating her kill list. The board is where is studies and plans her final execution.

On the right walls, the audience sees a newspaper surrounded by 3 photos. The lighting here is also different from the red light on the board.

The newspaper is also prepared by our talented Joel.

The white-beige coloured light is used to bring out this part of the installation.

Beige and white are colours associated with purity and innocence. This set up is to suggest that Miles prepared a space for her sister. It shows her relationship with her and also catches the viewers’ attention.

As the viewers are prompted to read the newspaper due to the “special” lighting, they discover about Miles’ background and story.

More details on the materials of the board is in my process post, here.

004 Projection 

Edited and Directed by Fendi

The contents of projection include

  1. vlogs
  2. CCTV footage
  3. Stalker footage



005 Props on the Table


These documents are on the table, along with some killer weapons Miles used in the footage.

The audiences are more than welcomed to interact with the space.


This is the most enjoyable project I have done so far in Sem1!

Our team is really the dream team, we complement each other very well I think.

I learned many things from this project. This was the very first time I tried installation.

The importance of research to develop a logical and believable narration.

Careful consideration for every single detail that is to be added.

There has to be a reason for the things one adds to the space or installation.

It is also very important to maximize the nature of the space and establish the settings and mood clearly.

I realized the importance of having proper art direction, unlike my previous 4D assignment, where I did not realize that art direction plays a very significant role in story narration. I messed up big time in my previous assignment HAHA.

However, in Miles Ahead, with proper direction from Fendi, I managed to grow and develop my sensitivity in art direction.

Hannah taught me how important character research is, Joel taught me how cinematography helps to narrate the story.

I learned about how production was like as well.

All the different aspects of film, space and installation can create and establish a setting which gives the viewer an entirely different experience.

Now I do not dread installations anymore!


Than you, my amazing teammates!!

Director Fendi

Actor Hannah

Cineto Joel

Putting these 3 in a group = Talent explosion

Here’s the links to the Team’s Final Installation posts

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By the way,

My OSS Process post is here

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