Composition: Final assignment

I went through many small drafts and scraped many things so I tried to distill only what is necessary in this process post.


Animals in Space


I did two for this one since it was fun(?

I dont really have a fix reference image for these




Space and Perspective

I did two also, drawn from life. My workspace at home.




Sunlight effect

Based on a photo I took in japan but I cannot find it in my files for now,, maybe I should sort things out



Atmospheric Mood


Graham Street Market is the biggest street market in the Central area of Hong Kong, where you see locals buying groceries and everyday needs.   Taiwan Night Market




I think my technically ability to construct perspective have improved quite quickly?

I never dared to turn things about in perspective because I always thought I could not but actually I could and I managed to visualize in various angles.

I guess the only issue was that I couldn’t submit double the work,,, I did 6 but I wanted to do two more. I guess I had other things to deal with ( well here comes the excuses for slacking)

Regardless, I will continue to work on perspective and composition on my own.

I am honored to be taught in this class.  Thank you for inspiring and teaching me.

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