Digital Imaging: Assign03-Dreams

“Can someone tell me why I am always redoing lol (cries)???”


I wanted to use this idea of ” I became a rabbit”, something along the lines like Alice in Wonderland but I don’t fall into holes

Image result for rabbit

I went to film with a friend but some stuff did not work out.

As in, I felt that what I was doing was not “me” anymore.

It took me a really long time to film the bunny but I don’t really like the outcome.

I think it lost my personality and it isn’t really mise en scene…?

It’s not the bunny’s fault but something felt very off.

Image result for no meme

I just didn’t want to continue at this point.


Anyways, my understanding of Dreams is also something very abstract.

I think Dreams are things that exist but without a form and is ever changing.

Thus when I try to capture existing creatures or events it no longer expresses what I feel about the idea of Dreams instead.


And from a personal view when i think of the word Dreams, it’s either nightmares or changing forms.

I don’t want to touch on the idea of nightmares because the nightmares are recurring ones and it is very personal to me.


… So I went to execute something else lolol


Style Guide

I’m doing experimental film that looks at ink motion so… I went to find some photos that’s relevant.

Colores       Mark Mawson’s Explosive Photos of Neon Ink in Water

Mark Mawson     Metallic Ink Shot in Water - Alberto Seveso

Making a splash: Aqueous Electreau water art by photographer Mark Mawson London-based Mark says: "Aqueous Electreau is the fourth in my Aqueous series, which I had the idea for after watching milk being poured into coffee. I was intrigued by the way the milk swirled and blended with the coffee and produced interesting shapes. Picture: Mark Mawson / Rex Features      from the internet


At first I was alittle unsure how to storyboard the idea.

I mean, I can’t possibly control ink movement??

Anyways I thought through and realized what I should work on.

Colour of Ink

  • Turquoise
  • Red
  • Violet (but appears blue?)
  • Yellow
  • Gold Paint (from my palette)

I tried to stick to more primary tones since the colours are going to mix later on. I went with watercolour ink instead of acrylic ink because it can create a more translucent look.

I decided to use turquoise because I think it is a magical colour to me. It creates this fantastical look.

I can only roughly plan out how I want to edit it, since I can’t control ink motion but we’ll see how it goes.


… I dunno how the ink will react so i did not exactly draw it out in the storyboards here

but they were part of my planning

Two Column Script


Behind the scenes

Budget container and light…

Took me a while to find things that could work with this set up…

I also used a case and my phone as the ‘tripod’ so that the camera is set at the right height.



Testing things out


I experimented with some stuff. Including placing crystals and using test tubes instead, but in the end these were not able to create what I was looking for.


I also tried using black background instead of white but it did not really work… Cant see anything…

I also tried placing ink in colored water. It just changes the colour of the ink all together so I decided to just go with clean water.





I realized later on the lighting was terrible so I went through a bunch of editing.


Heartbeat SFX

I tried recording by putting the zoom super near but it does not work this way apparently.

I went to drop random things I see around the house but nothing sounded like heartbeats.

This includes dropping a basketball and tennis ball but the sounds do not match…

The basketball’s sound is too heavy it’s as if something collasped

While the tennis ball sound was softer but It just did not sound right.


So I had to use the royalty free sounds.



So initially I was very optimistic (and excited) and I thought I can just mix my own music….


  But NOPE.

Things did not work out. The music just fails to enhance the video.

In the end I resorted back to using soundtracks that were already made.

(reasons why I’m not a musician) 



Adding Titles and touching up the footage


First Export:

I think you can’t see in the screenshot since its kind of low res but then I found out that the texture of the container I used was also captured and it gave the screen this very “glitchy” look.

Its like the television glitch thing. I can’t say its not obvious but I’m bothered by it…


During the entire editing process it appeared fine on screen because the video screen was much smaller so I did not realise at all.


The exported audio had a glitch somewhere near the ending but there wasn’t any audio transition at all.

I went to google and they told me the previous version had this issue.

and I’m using the previous version.

Image result for angry meme

I shall try to save it by applying filters.

As for the audio If I dunno if finding a replacement helps or I should edit the video that I exported (????)


I tried editing and exporting again but I can’t really get rid of the glitch so I decided to get rid of the current audio and remix again…


After -Dunno how- many times I exported

Har. I realised I exported wrongly HAHA thats why it looked weird so it had nothing to do with the tank…


I went to google how to export properly…

CBR and VBR are two different things =3= The main reason was because my settings for these were wrong

But the audio issue still cmi so I ended up replacing it anyway…

(Linked it in my description for YT)




I am finally done…

Image result for tired meme


I learned many many things in this project. I am amazed that I know how to use the very basics of premiere pro… I also learned that editing is an entire world of creation and possible angst.

Half of the time i was just googling and researching about techniques, and the software itself.

I’m still upset with premiere pro glitching the audio I remixed ( and i spent almost half a day on it) but… SIGH

At least I am done with it

I guess I had fun though!

Watching the ink interact with water is fun and shooting is fun until editing starts.

Anyways, I realized the importance of proper planning. Storyboard-ing and Script writing help guide the progress even during editing.


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