Digital Imaging: Film Research


Experimental films

This video summarizes the two types of film.


When I first heard of the theme Dream, I thought about using paint or inks in water to create a surreal look.

This was something similar to what I had in mind.

I think colours are essential to convey the idea of dream.

I really liked how a mix of colour and motion can create such a surreal mood and atmosphere.


Motion is used to create a sense of urgency and it guides the viewer’s eyes.

I looked through various experimental films and I think they are really interesting!

Other than abstract forms I also looked at short clips that were edited together

Greg Barth‘s videos are very surreal and he edits it in a way as if everything happens at the same time.


It’s interesting but I’m still leaning more towards the idea of using abstract form.

But I think I might consider Greg Barth’s techniques and test things out a little.






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