4D Perspective photo-shoot

1 point perspective
2 point perspective


3 point perspective

1 point perspective has only one focal point, which all lines will converge. It is to place emphasis on a single subject. The background will bring out the subject. Usually photos with one point perspective has its subject in the center of the frame.  It often adds in depth to the image taken.

2 point perspective brings out the subject further, adding in depth as well as dramatic impact on the viewer. Normally the subject itself will stand out, the role played by the background to lift the subject into light is less as compared to 1 point.

3 point perspective, with 3 lines converging at 3 different vanishing points are often taken from ant’s eye view. It adds intensity and tension to the image, capturing the viewers’ attention.

The tension and intensity increases slowly from 1,2 and finally 3 point perspective. Angle use as well as distance varies gradually as well.

Perspective, if well played and used, will add tone, mood and a dramatic impact on viewers. It can be used to signify or highlight the subject being captured. There will be a hint of richness to the image, which makes it more vivid compared to images without any.  It creates space and dimension, which also contributes to the mood and atmosphere of the image.

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