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2D Ego: Final+Reflection

Project EGO:  It is finally complete! In almost every frame, there is something interactive. I made use of pull tabs to narrate my story more effectively. My Process is here: 2D Ego: Process The artists I referenced are mainly iraville, Pearfleur and koyamori My artist reference research is here: 2D Ego: Artist Research Every illustrator has his or her own… Read more →

2D Ego: Process

EGO Process I was really excited to do watercolour! Here is my painful and fun process for my 4 panels. By the way, All of my composition development are in my CPJ. More detailed explanation for colour choices are all in the post for final.  Here’s the link:   2D Ego: Final+Reflection   Panel:  Adventurous me + Sun Before this I… Read more →

2D Ego: Artist Research

I have finally decided on my medium: traditional using watercolour Hurrayy! I can use my fave medium! Here are some of my all-time favorite artists who I intend to learn from Watercolour illustrators iraville  http://www.iraville.de/blog/ I followed Iraville for quite a while already, I guess it’s been at least a year? I enjoy watching her process videos. I learn alot… Read more →

2D Ego: Colour Research

  Terminology: -Saturation: Intensity of colour Saturation can help add emphasis to a subject. Jesus stands out from the other figures due to the colours that were added to his clothes. However oversaturation is something to be avoided. If the colours are too intense there will be too focal point as there are too many things going on in the… Read more →

2D Forrest Gump: Research

Art Movements: DADA An art movement formed during the First World War in Zurich: negative reaction to the horrors and folly of the war. Presents intriguing overlaps and paradoxes in that they seek to demystify artwork in the populist sense but nevertheless remain cryptic enough to allow the viewer to interpret works in a variety of ways. People and scenes… Read more →

2D Forrest Gump: Process+Final

Epilogue: I discarded my first batch of quotes, my progress for the previous batch is here: https://oss.adm.ntu.edu.sg/lyeh0003/2d-forrest-gump-initiation-testing/  I must say I had a hard time trying to understand and break down the quotes. Not just that, It was my first time using photoshop and I felt intimidated at times. Finals only: https://oss.adm.ntu.edu.sg/lyeh0003/2d-forrest-gump-gallery/ Artist Reference: BANKSY       Previously I did… Read more →

2D Mark making: Research

Action Painting: Jackson Pollock I love his works!! It captures motion and action. There is intensity in his artworks. The way he uses paint, the way he splatters it creates these powerful marks that I feel attracted to. This is my fave out of all, Autumn Rhytmn by Jackson Pollock. I LOVE HOW THE PAINT IS SPLATTERED. There’s so much… Read more →

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