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3D City of Voids: Process, Final, Reflection

City of Voids Making Group Mood Box: Here’s some process photos!   Making of Final: City of Elves HAHA Making their houses: These are my group mates!! Some photos: We used jelly fish to test out the hologram. Find out more in our PDF! Reflection: Our group’s process is like a roller coaster ride. We came up with various ideas… Read more →

3D City of Voids: BGM

00 Epilogue: The final project, City of Voids, is a group work again. My group is Group D, and my group mates are Xuan Wei and Syadza. 01 Music Class? Our teacher Cheryl brought instruments for us to use!! Here’s what my group got: Instruments: Xylophone: C and D Zig zag block Rhythm sticks After playing around for some time,… Read more →

3D City of Voids: Research

Terminology: Modular Employing or involving a module or modules as the basis of design or construction. Modular Design a design approach that subdivides a system into smaller parts called modules, that can be independently created and then used in different systems. Some Interesting products:     Using honey comb to construct modular products. Elements of nature can also display modularity.… Read more →

3D Mnemosyne’s Scent: Final

000 The 3 big themes: Planes Scent Memories   My group mate is AZIZAH 🙂 001 Concept The word memories instantly reminded me of my classmates. I wanted to do something based on the class (again). My classmates are my inspiration  There goes Hui En and her nonsense Mindmap We had to include scent into our model as well. I had… Read more →

3D Mnemosyne’s Scent: Planes

Planes What I learnt in class: 2D: Straight axis plane Bent axis plane Curved axis plane Complex axis plane 3D: Curved Broken Twisted Grouped Task: To create planes using art card. I started right away with cutting the art card. I believe that the touch with the material will guide me along during the process of crafting. Process photos   … Read more →

3D Mnemosyne’s Scent: Plastic

001 Concept Mind map: Initially, the 2 scents I wanted to use was tea and old coffee. However, as I explored my concept I realized that there were 2 other scents that I could connect to more personally. Therefore I decided to change my scent into Rain and Smoke. However, I still made a model for tea and old coffee.… Read more →

3D Gaia’s Ikebana: FINAL

Autumn:   mind map: Excuse my terrible handwriting, please I’m really glad I got my fave season. I have an attachment to autumn not just because of the beautiful scenery but also the fact that my brother and I are both born in autumn. In fact, our birthdays usually falls in the period of Mid-Autumn Festival, therefore I would like… Read more →

3D Gaia’s Ikebana: Research

Ikebana: The arrangement of flowers. Ikebana often emphasizes on areas of the plant other than its flower, for example, its stems and leaves. It also puts emphasis on shape, lines and form. What distinguishes ikebana from other approaches such as “flower arrangement” is its asymmetrical form and the use of empty space as an essential feature of the composition. A sense… Read more →

3D Cone Cylinder Sphere

FOAM AGAIN I must say foam is a really useful material when it comes to making sketch models. I really didn’t expect foam to be so versatile. I was mind blown to find out that I could use foam to make curved objects. I had fun making the cylinder and cone, but not so fun for the sphere because I… Read more →

3D Pandora’s Box: FINAL

000 Prologue “Magic” I was stun for a moment as I opened the strip of paper. Oh god, how do I do this using 3 boxes??? *internal screaming* After clearing my mind I went back to the basics to understand the term. Magic is something unexpected. In a way it is trickery which misleads the eye. However, Magic also has… Read more →

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