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Digital Imaging: Assign03-Dreams

“Can someone tell me why I am always redoing lol (cries)???” Ideas  I wanted to use this idea of ” I became a rabbit”, something along the lines like Alice in Wonderland but I don’t fall into holes I went to film with a friend but some stuff did not work out. As in, I felt that what I was… Read more →

Digital Imaging: Film Research

Research Experimental films This video summarizes the two types of film.   When I first heard of the theme Dream, I thought about using paint or inks in water to create a surreal look. This was something similar to what I had in mind. I think colours are essential to convey the idea of dream. I really liked how a… Read more →

Digital Imaging: Movie Poster Research

Main Film genres Action Adventure Comedy Horror Science Fiction Fantasy … and the list goes on…   Purpose of Film Posters Main purpose: advertise and inform Information: Release date, actors, BBFC certification (age limit) Give audience an insight to the genre and film They focus on visual elements such as, powerful photographs and graphics to make posters attention grabbing and… Read more →

Digital Imaging 6 Emo Research 01: Painting

000 Initiation: Understanding emotion Emotions are things that we feel but unable to see. I think everyone feels emotions differently as it is subjective. Perhaps the intensity of the emotions we feel differ but we can all have a common basic understanding. Medium selection Honestly, I have never used Photoshop to paint before but I want to start digital painting… Read more →

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