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2D Ego: Final+Reflection

Project EGO:  It is finally complete! In almost every frame, there is something interactive. I made use of pull tabs to narrate my story more effectively. My Process is here: 2D Ego: Process The artists I referenced are mainly iraville, Pearfleur and koyamori My artist reference research is here: 2D Ego: Artist Research Every illustrator has his or her own… Read more →

2D Ego: Process

EGO Process I was really excited to do watercolour! Here is my painful and fun process for my 4 panels. By the way, All of my composition development are in my CPJ. More detailed explanation for colour choices are all in the post for final.  Here’s the link:   2D Ego: Final+Reflection   Panel:  Adventurous me + Sun Before this I… Read more →

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