VST #2B: Comic- Little Red Riding Hood

001 Initiation


I did not want to stick to the original story since it will be boring and if I really did that I think I would not have really explored the elements of story telling… since people already know the story


I came up with a few possible story lines but in the end I decided to go with the Little Red Riding Hood being armed.


suddenly reminded of a meme:

Image result for kermit with gun meme
…me vs assignments


002 Draft

Pencil Draft





I made use of action lines and speed lines to show movement and tell the story better.

I tried to explore different kinds of panel arrangement. No everything is boxed in.

I thought panel designs could also help tell the story, in the aspect of setting the mood and etc.

For my final, I made o few tweaks to one or two panels.

I consulted a few friends to make sure they could understand it before I started.

Visual References 

While working on the pencil draft, I looked up Visual references to help myself develop the comic.

For my colour palette I decided to reference:

Over the garden wall

Image result for over the garden wall

Image result for over the garden wall

I wanted to try a warm colour palette to suit the mood.

Panel Designs

The Promised Neverland 

Related image
The Promised Neverland

Image result for the promised neverland manga

Image result for the promised neverland manga

I realized for big moments, the panels take up a relatively bigger space, thus I tried to make use of that in my own comic, and even not boxing it to create a overwhelming look.

Since I followed a manga style, my reading direction is also Right to Left.

003 Process





The process was painful.

I was careful to keep the colours correct so as to ensure a consistency.

Someone commented that on pg2 her expression was confusing so I changed it.

Also for the eyes of the wolves I changed it later on to make it consistent throughout. The shape of the wolf was no longer circular, I made them all angular so that its scarier and to ensure the consistency.

004 Final

Reading directions:




  • Establish settings, characters
  • set correct mood

Panels: Closes ups and Long panels to reveal and establish settings as well as characters


  • Reveal of wolf
  • Little red riding hood finally notices
  • Motion lines and symbols used to tell what is happening

Panels: Panels revealing wolf are grouped together through subtle gutter spacing



  • Wolf calls for his friends
  • Speed lines to enhance pace


1st long panel is broken diagonally into 2, to create the idea of them looking at each other.

The big moment where other wolf joined is unboxed to take up the lower part of the page.

This is to create the right effect (overwhelming look).

Last panel I did not reveal her face and chose her to back face the audience on purpose so it can lead onto the 4th page so that I have a smooth transit.



  • Reveals Little Red Riding Hood was armed all along ( I made sure the 1st few pages, her cloak was always covering)
  • Action Lines to create the idea of speed in the middle panel


Closes ups shift to Mid-shots and eventually long shot to create a smooth transition and to establish pace.



Almost died doing 4 pages of painting… I don’t know why I decided to try the block in method and painted everything instead of just lining and filling in colours.

One thing for sure If I did not paint it I would probably not be able to create the same effect or look.

Anyways, I learned quite a few things about paneling and how effects can be created through the use of lines.

The only issue I think I might have is that my colours are too dark…? However If i lighten it I am afraid it will lose that atmosphere I managed to establish.

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