Watercolour: Final Assignment

There are many ideas I scraped along the way ( especially compositions) so I tried to only put in what is part of my process into this post.

I managed to hit the number of paintings I wanted to do, partly because I made a bet with a friend but regardless,,

The only topic I did not do was Interior Space


Alley (landscape/cityscape)

This is the first I attempted so I was extremely rusty and I have never painted on such a big piece so I was pretty much unsure.

I repainted the same idea but slightly differently to suit what I wanted

I also realised that I have a bad habit of painting too much or messing with what I already did







 medieval town of dinan. Dinan is a fortified town in the Brittany region of France



Atmospheric/ weather condition

I used a composition from the composition class and painted a bigger version

I consulted some of Prof Ng Woon Lam’s books and paintings, thus I ended up with this





Taiwan Night Market  Graham Street Market is the biggest street market in the Central area of Hong Kong, where you see locals buying groceries and everyday needs.


House/ Tinted colours(??

I approached this after consulting Frank Webb’s book and paintings, I was captivated by his use of transiting negative and positive space* (i cant think of any better words)

So I painted this and tried the same composition with a different colour palette






PeggysCove, Nova Scotia by cheryl strahl, via Flickr  Nova Scotia Power Inc.

I found the red house very appealing to look at



I looked at some of Sargent’s boats to come up with these




I always paint a small colour key before I do the big one…



Wells, Norfolk, England   (ID: SN-WEL-05) The fine Albatross sailing ship moored at Wells next the Sea Harbour was built in Rotterdam in 1899   Moored up at Wells-next-the-Sea, North Norfolk Road Trip, England, UKBoats at Portloe, Cornwall




Again I consulted Sargent’s paintings of tents before I could paint these

I just wanted to try out more colours in this one so I paid less attention to my compositions




I wanted to paint a house at first but I figured I wanted to try a tent instead so,,


It’s probably not a revelation to tell you that Pinterest skews heavily female. 70% in fact, according to a recent study. But what’s more interesting is that men and women use Pinterest for vastly different reasons, and in starkly divergent ways. Women are using Pinterest in a far more inspirational  



Ideas I Scraped:

Not including all the compositions I scraped… becuz it is a hassle and Im lazy




Well, Prof Ng suggested that we might not be able to finish using the tube of paint..

So, I took that as a challenge and went on a painting spree (??)  Anyway yea I managed to use up my ultramarine…and my masking tape too ( maybe I like to go against my profs LOL )

     Yes Im trying to spite my prof mwahaha 

 this just goes to show how much of a cheeky kid I am…

Image result for hehe meme

anyways, I managed the 8 paintings!!

( yes i fulfilled the bet, if u wanna know,, the bet was about losing my fave art book so heck no )

I got out of my rusty painting stage. I want to paint way more after the semester ends!! I’d rather paint than draw.

And finally a comparison:

One of the rusty paintings I did at the start of this sem:



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