Task 1: Me

I believe the best way to understand a person is not only looking through his physical features, but also presenting what does and love. That’s why I’m using indirect method like ID passes, letters from friends, movie tickets and sports gear to portray my existence, personality and interests. It creates a photo staging by lying stuff on the ground.

3 images are laid in one line where “identity”, which has a different backdrop, is in the middle. It enables  viewer to observe the center image first.



Artist reference: Chien-Chi Chang

I was inspired by some of the works from a serial called Jet Lag, done by the Magnum photographer Chien-Chi Chang. These photos were taken during his overseas assignments in the hotel. By lying all his passes and other belongings, I can easily understand what he had been busy with and what purpose his trip is. It is the clarity that inspired me to showcase my belongs in Task 1 to represent myself.



AUSTRIA. Graz. 2014. Press passes.

AUSTRIA. Graz. 2014. Press passes.


TAIWAN. Taipei. 2007. Studio of Chien-Chi Chang.

TAIWAN. Taipei. 2007. Studio of Chien-Chi Chang.



Final chosen images – Task 1: Me




Task 2: Object

Photography is my favorite interest. That’s why camera plays an important role in my life. When I’m photographing, I’ll be more energetic and passionate about everything around me. I used a fast shutter speed to capture the motion. And the most essential part of camera is the lens and the rings on it. By taken a close up of my finger touching it carefully and camera’s perspective of viewing me, the images portray a intimate relationship between me and my camera.



Final chosen images




Task 3: World

Botanic garden is a significant place for me to relax and enjoy the nature. Whenever I feel worn out, I’ll go there to refresh myself. And I also used to hang out and picnic in Botanic Garden with my girlfriend, which are signified by a pair of shadows overlapping to each other. However, some of part of Botanic Garden remains undiscovered. The blur on a child’s face on the third image symbolise the fear and curiosity of nature. Overall, there are alway two people through out the images to depict companionship, which also has been place according to the rule of third.


The technique of shooting the third image was inspired by a unique method. The lens has to be detached from the camera body. You will get the blurring and focusing effect by manually adjusting the lens distance toward the sensor.


4636074577_190ffd9fa9_o freelens21-1024x682 LENS-WHACKING



Final chosen images

World_01 World_02 World_03






Project 1 has been a journey of re discovering myself. It allows me to ponder what makes me me and what is essential to me. By manipulating different photographic methods, like photo staging, cropping and framing, I have learnt each of them has a unique way of telling a story.