3 framed videos

13 x 18 cm (each)


Timeless photo frames are installed on 3 tables of a corner at ADM library. The videos show ordinary phenomena that Singapore residence experience every day, but inexplicably, are partially static and motional and this comparison portrays the time with a surreal and infinite atmosphere.

Furthermore, time seems to be unnoticeable and faster in library relatively, as students concentrate on their work with so much effort, event without noticing time change outside. The artist is eager to juxtapose Singapore life with the idea of timelessness, as life in Singapore cycles forever in summer and we seldom experience natural phenomenon change. Inspired by Zen(襌), The work captured mundane scenes to express the idea of infinity and relativeness of time, to offer the library users to clear their thoughts and to take time off their work at the library.





IMG_5879 copy

IMG_5878 copy

IMG_5882 copy



3 Installations




Different loops










IMG_5857 copy

Alignment and Measurement

IMG_5859 copy

IMG_5852 copy

Holes for earphone’s cable

IMG_5860 copy

Mark making for phone’s placement

IMG_5863 copy

IMG_5862 copy