Title of the work: The Battle Box

Medium: Video

Work description:

A Promotional video, restoring the lost memory and history about Fort Canning park and its role during WWII.  By applying the mixture of motion graphics and real photos and videos as a story-telling, the story became much more dynamic and interesting, which the aim is to draw public’s eyes and make them curious about how and why that historical moment (the decision of surrender to Japanese)  occured on 15 Feb 1942 in Singapore.












Motion graphics will occur within the text ” Battle Box”, indicating lots of stories are all related to the main subject.


From this project, I had a chance to learn more about the situation in Southeast Asia, especially in Singapore in the 1940s. However, as asking some of my friends about the history of fort canning and Battle Box, I was a bit shocked by their ignorance. I think it is necessary for us to remember that history and not repeat the same mistake. And that’s why it prompted me to make a video to get attractions from the public to visit Battle Box museum.