Category: Pattern, Art, Design & Arch. 2017/18 Sem 1







@  School of Arts, Design and Media, NTU





15m by 2m

Media Art Nexus NTU


Actual Exhibition

@ North Spine, NTU







iPad Pro

iPhone 7





Motif Development

Based on my concept, “new door god”,  I planed to design a door god poster. It contains a main god in the center and several elements surrounded.


Main God

I chose to use Apple and Steve Jobs as my main visual representation. Replacing the logo to a pear shape adds a subtle pun.










Steve Jobs as fortune god(left) and general(right)



Ritual tools

Referencing from how Chinese people worship their ancestor and god, I created Apple-related sacrifices and Ritual tools.

iPhone sacrifice

Imac on a sacrifice plate

iPod attached to a candle stand

iPhones tucked on bronze incense burner








































This is the first try-out with all elements, based on traditional fortune god door poster.




Door God patterns

Door gods or Menshen(门神) are divine guardians of doors and gates in Chinese folk religions, used to protect against evil influences or to encourage the entrance of positive ones.



  • Expelling evil spirits
  • Blessings
  • Military officer
  • Civil official

The patterns often attract my attention when I pass by. It made me think that something supernatural is guarding the house.

Old Door Gods preserved in Chendejyu Shrine Museum , Tainan City, Taiwan


Moodboard 1

Inspired by Ai weiwei‘s Door gods posters, I want to add some current elements that are more relevant to our generation. Nowadays, there are many new ‘gods’ that we worship to, like Steve Jobs, Elon musk or Jack Ma.

Ai Weiwei, Menshen

Ai Weiwei and FAKE design office’s Door Guardians for 2011 (image from

AI WEI WEI, Guardian Christmas screen saver artwork
copyright: Ai Wei Wei

Culture keeper 2015, illustrated by Min Liu


Moodboard 2

Inspired by a Chinese illustration artist, Song Xiaqi, based in Shanghai. His illustration embraces the tradition and re-touches it with contemporary feelings.

I like how he uses thick strokes and the way he treated each graphical elements.


门神 by Song Xiaqi

门神 by Song Xiaqi


Moodboard 3

Another approach is go for abstraction. Since the banner is very long and narrow, abstract patterns will give a strong visual impact.

猴年吉祥 Good luck for the Year of Monkey, illustrated by DO ON東


Panel testing

Based on Aiweiwei’s work, I created a rough styleframe to see if the elements work together on a long narrow panel.