2D Project 3 Research : Ego in different settings

The final project for 2D features the exploration and understanding of colours and colour theory. Through any 2 dimensional medium we have to portray self, in a setting, and our response in 3 boxes.

Our work requires us to cover one of the colour theories/harmonies that are listed below:

1. Monochromes Harmony
2. Analogous Harmony
3. Analogous Harmony Warm and Cool
4. Complementary hues
5. Split complementary.

Acknowledging my illiteracy in illustration and any forms of drawing technique and know how, i wanted to approach this project through photography. I find inspiration from a few photographers who utilize colours  as a strong form to communicate emotions and atmosphere without relying heavily on the subject they are shooting. The artist i researched on are Uta Barth, William Eggleston and Nguan.


Utah Barth
Uta Barth is a contemporary German photographer who is interested in the translation of photographic perception to human percerception. Her subjects are often elusive and common such as curtains that are layered with strains of sunlight that abstract and distort in her photographs.


Uta Barth
Uta Barth
Some of her photos are also intentionally not in focus of which gives an impressionistic approach to understanding the image. The usage of colours and framing suggest an atmosphere for the image rather than providing the realistic recreation of the moment.


William Eggleston
William Eggleston is an American photographer who is famous for his high contrast and saturated images and is known for working with the colour red in his images. He utilized a process called the dye transfer process to bring out the strong saturation in the colours red and yellow.
William Eggleston
William Eggleston
Dyes used in the dye transfer process are very spectrally pure compared to normal coupler-induced photographic dyes and the dye transfer process possess a larger color gamut and tonal scale than any other process including inkjet. Through this process, the colours in the image are grouped together and enhanced by the strong contrast and saturation. This brings life to the scenes of his photographs where the attention is being focused on the setting of the place rather than the human subjects that are in the image.


Nguan is a Singaporean photographer who captures fantastical versions of Singapore mainly through documentary methods. His images are a mix of street photography with still images of architecture and random objects often depicting human emotions. He utilises a pastel tone over his images that indulges the photographs with a surrealistic vibe.
As a Singaporean recognising familiar landmarks and icons, it brings a sense of loneliness and longing through the change of colour. Through the lighter hues and values of the colours, the photographs bring a second layer of emotion even from still objects.


Other than the control the artist have in the colour to communicate ideas and emotions, I felt that one of the more important factors to take note of going into my project was the framing of the images.

To avoid other colours creeping in and throwing my colour harmonies off the chart, I have to seek out compositions that suits a colour theory i’m working on and make sure I exclude all distractions that may disrupt the colour flow. This adds a small challenge of firstly finding subjects that can represent myself, a setting and a response, and secondly making sure the colours work in my favour in terms of emotion or atmosphere.

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