Digital Photography Assignment 2: Landscape

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1/50     F3.5   ISO100
Canon 5DMKII

Artist Statement/Concepts

This image was a shoot with friends at Golden Mile Tower. The building probably has the best dynamic architecture that consist of bold colours that are fading and large flows spaces. The emphasis is therefore on the background and the human subjects to fill in the mid ground for scale. The original image was slightly overexposed in the highlights and the colours of the space is bit too cool. In the corrections I masked out the arc windows to bring details back in and use the spit tone technique to balance out the exposure. I also toned down the saturation of the colours and added some warmth into the light that was projected on the floor.


Before and After split-toning the exposure. I brought down the highlights and darkened the shadows

Adjusting the hues for the walls and the interior

After masking the arc windows to drop the exposure, bringing details of the trees in

Warming the yellows in the image by adjusting the mids and the highlights.


Final Image






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