Research | Intro to Interactive 1

Nowhere and Everywhere at the Same Time No. 2

William Forsythe

This installation features a room filled with hundreds of pendulums programmed to swing in a specific timing. Audiences are invited to participate by being in the space and manoeuvre around the moving objects. The artist and choreographer William Forsythe explores a different approach to dance, where the movement is user generated and unexpected.

Instead of creating a set of movements for the participant, he creates a condition for the movement to occur. Moving the content creation to the participant rather than the choreographer himself. I feel that the intention of the interaction is more active and user generated which creates the element of spontaenitiy and fun.

Electric Stimulus to face -test3
Daito Manabe

The electric stimulus to face experiments by Daito Manabe is a collection of him attaching sensors to his face to activate sound bits on his computer. This results in the participants trying to trigger the sounds by twitching and isolating various parts of their face to generate a signal.

The level of interactivity in this experiment is high as it pushes the participant to make gestures that they are not usually used to doing. It also explores the idea of sound and noise as music. 



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