Bandwidth Strategies
  • Technical Requirements: First, see Technical Requirements for Adobe Connect for checking your bandwidth and determining if your connection meets the minimum required upload and download speed.
  • Connection Status: In the upper right corner of the interface is a vertical green bar. Click on the bar to see an analysis of the current connection speed (see figure below). If it says “Excellent,” as it does below, then the connection is solid, but if the status indicates a weak connection, a new location should be considered.

connection-status_Screenshot 2014-05-01 10.47.04

  • Video Settings (Host only): it is very important to set the video bandwidth for the web-conference by going into the “Video Preferences” (see figure below) and adjusting to the proper rate for your configuration. Select the dropdown menu to the right of the camera icon and choose “Preferences.”

Video-prefs_Screenshot 2014-05-01 10.55.08

  • Video Quality: Enter the “Preferences” and select “Video” in the menu (see figure below). The important setting is the “Video Quality” slider where the resolution for ALL of users is set according to everyone’s general bandwidth. I have it set to “Standard,” the second notch from the right, which fits most situations where students are using a broadband wireless connection. However, if there is still a great deal of lag, or the video is choppy, or presenters are dropping out when trying to use their camera, or the overall response of the interface is slowing down to an unacceptable level, try using the lower settings of “Medium” or “Low.”

video-settings_Screenshot 2014-05-01 10.56.36

  • Room Bandwidth: It is also advisable to set the “Room Bandwidth” to match your configuration (see figure below). Generally the middle setting is fine for participants typically using a DSL or Cable connection. However if everyone is using a very high speed connection (LAN), you can achieve higher quality by setting the bandwidth to “LAN” (Local Area Network), conversely to “Modem” if everyone is on a dial-up modem, but this would probably never be the case with today’s broadband connectivity!

room-bandwidth_Screenshot 2014-05-01 11.04.48