Menu Customization

One of the primary needs of a customized menu is to place a project page on the main menu. The following steps cover this specific application, however this technique can be applied to any additional menu items. In the figure below, note that the only menu item besides “Home” is the project page called “Welcome to the Subzone.”

home-menu_Screenshot 2014-05-12 10.51.52

  • First, create a page according to the same techniques that were used to create a post (see Creating a Post). The page is essentially used as a specific Web page, such that it is not included in the blog feed. Once a page is created it will show up in the menu customization under “Pages,” located in Appearance/Menu.

menu-add_Screenshot 2014-05-12 10.37.10

If this is the first time customizing the menu of a new site, it is necessary to click on the button to the right that says “Create Menu.” Give it a title such as “Menu 1” or “Main Menu” etc. Once a menu is created, the button on the right will display “Save Menu.”

  • Adding a Page: Once a page is created and it shows up in the “Pages” section of the Menu customization area, click on the checkbox and “Add to Menu” where it will show up in the “Menu Structure” section (see figure above).
  • Adding a Link: A link can also be added to a menu, either internally or externally to the site. In this example, the “Home” page is actually a link to the home page of the site. This was done by opening up “Links” and inserting the URL to the home page along with the “Link Text” Home (see figure below). Click on “Add to Menu” and the link to the home page will then show up on your main menu as “Home.”

home-item-menu-crop_Screenshot 2014-05-12 11.01.22

  • Adding a Category Feed: In order to add a category feed to the main menu, which are all the posts created in a specific category such as “Research,” click on the “Categories” row, select the item, and “Add to Menu” (see figure below).

category-menu_Screenshot 2014-05-12 11.06.53

The menu can include pages, links, and category feeds in order to navigate the site, providing the viewer with access to a variety of content.