OSS Presentation

Open Source Studio (OSS): Process, Sharing and Social Space

Randall Packer, Associate Professor of Networked Art

School of Art, Design & Media

Special thanks: Vibeke Sorensen, Peer Sathikh, Kristy Kang/ADM, Peter Looker/EdeX, Sandy Soo/CITS, Vishaka Mantri/OSS Assistant Project Manager, Juan Camilo Gonzales, Hui Wen Wong/OSS Developers

1. Brief History of Milestones

  • CalArts, 2012 (1 class, 11 students)
  • NTU, 2013 (1 class, 6 students)
  • Multi-site, 2014-15 (12 classes, 50 students)
  • OSS 2.0, 2015-16 (49 classes, 250 students)
  • CITS partnership, 2016-17 (130 classes, 900 students, ADM and HSS)

2. Introduction to Open Source Studio (OSS)

  • Process: an online environment for assignments, documentation, research, critique, and portfolio (including FYP’s)
  • Sharing: emphasizes openness through database aggregation and publishing in the public space of the Web
  • Social Space: introduces online learning experiences that build on the social dynamics of the physical classroom to emphasize interaction in a virtual community.
  • Research: provides a way for faculty to collaborate and contribute to online teaching pedagogy as joint research

3. OSS in Practice

4. Hands on training for students and faculty

In class training for students, workshops for faculty, with the addition of online manuals.

The goal is to make OSS a collaborative learning and teaching experience, an exploratory medium that is designed for the needs of faculty and students, together adapting to a 21st century global information society.

5. Q & A