The Connect Add-in

The Connect Add-in is a standalone application that launches from the Web browser when you access the link to your Adobe Connect room. In order to use the Connect Add-in, you need to first download it from the Adobe Website and install it on your computer. Here are the following steps:

  • Mac: download the Connect Add-in by control clicking on the following link, choose “Save Link As” from the menu, and download to your hard drive.

Because of incompatability issues with certain browsers, you need to use the above procedure on the Mac in order to download the Adobe Connect Add-in.

  • PC: download the Connect Add-in by clicking on the following link.
  • Installation: follow the installer instructions.
  • Launch: follow the link to your Adobe Connect room, or test with the link to the OSS Room (enter as guest if you don’t have a user account).

You should now be viewing the full Adobe Connect standalone interface as shown in the figure below. Your browser is still running in the background while you are in the Connect Add-in, so you will be able to go back and forth easily between Connect and your browser to view web pages during a session.

Standalone_Screenshot 2014-04-30 12.37.14