User ID & Logging In
  • The Host: If you are an instructor you will need the status of “Host.” It is not possible to start a new Adobe Connect session without logging in as a Host. The Host has the ability to create and design a layout for a meeting, and has full control over all such functionality as creating a new meeting space, allowing participants to use microphones, etc. Before you can host a meeting, you need to be sure that the administrator has set you up with a user id/password in Adobe Connect, and has designated you as a Host. In order to login, enter your Adobe Connect user id and password in the signup screen after launching the link to your room, as shown in the figure below.

idLogin_Screenshot 2014-04-30 13.00.52

With the standard Adobe Connect account, you can only have one Host at a time, so faculty and students must share this status. Generally the account administrator will maintain and facilitate requests for hosting status.
  • Enabling Presenters: All other participants other than the Host will login as “Guests” (see in the Presenter section below). When entering, Guests will automatically be given Presenter status. The Host needs to set this up in advance by selecting “Auto-Promote Participants to Presenters” (see figure below).

enabling-presenters_Screenshot 2014-05-25 10.08.40

  • Presenter: The Presenter in Adobe Connect is able to use a webcam and microphone, as well as give a presentation, but does not have the ability, like the Host, to change the screen interface.  Presenters need only login as a Guest (generally their full name), typing it as shown in the figure below. The Guest name will appear in the list of attendees as well as identify the Presenter when they are using their Webcam.

guestLogin_Screenshot 2014-04-30 13.02.36