Sitting in the Nude, Charcoal

This model looked really angry today and that set the tone for my painting.

I had a lot of difficulty with this piece because my oily eraser (Milan) made things really difficult to blend. It was quite a mess until Prof Woon Lam gave me his eraser (Staedtler) and a softer piece of charcoal,

Things I would do differently next time round: Increase the range in tonal difference, have more variety in textures instead of them all being the same, especially the silk cloth. Overall, I wouldn’t call it a fail but there is a lot of room for improvement.

Almost Nude Man, Pencil

Attempt 1

The figure in the middle turned out wrong because a. I used perspective in my box, which wasn’t necessary and b. The boxes were slanted too much into the body. The figure at the end was my correction of that mistake. 

Attempt 2

Although there are some mistakes in this attempt, like the waist is too slim and the torso is too angular, I finally understood the concept of the box while drawing this. Also, if you look closely at the figure’s feet, you will realise this man isn’t fully naked. As Prof Woon Lam always says, “Drawing is Yeezy”.