2 Replies to “Watermedia Weekly Exercises”

  1. Your use of greens has shown very wide range of changes. That’s good. Remember all the transitional colors you have found between different chromatic greens. That will help you find other colors as well.
    The tonal design image — Need to take note of the larger shapes. The smaller shapes look a bit broken. Architectural subjects need to have firmer edges. — The finished image has better edges but the tones are not following what you have learnt from the Black and White images.
    Copy paintings are done well. So remember how the artists create edges differently. You have chosen two very different artists. That gives you the best difference.
    The night scene transitional colors are done well. The light sources need to be brighter at certain places.
    Texture painting — must observe carefully how the tone shifts from place to place. You paper size probably too small to do that ‘cos the surface is rough, and you need to work on a large sheet to get all the shifts.
    The interior painting, the colors are nice. You have found a wide range of colors but need to look at the shape design more. Vary the size, shape, connect some shapes — create more variations.

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