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Bauhaus Shapes & Colors

Bauhaus Wassily Kandinsky assigned primary colors red, yellow, and blue to the shapes squares, triangles, and circles respectively. I kept the colors for the squares and triangles but switched the color for the circles from blue to green. This is because I felt like circles are a harmonious shape and green is a good soothing color to represent this.

When I was creating this, I had the ‘Build To Order (BTO)’ policy of Singapore in mind. I found it unusual and unsettling that the citizens would have to decide a future with a partner 5 years before it happens. I felt like a life changing decision like this should be given more freedom. In addition, I am concerned that at a certain age, some people will be more focused on finding a person to share a BTO with rather than their life. Some people would end up settling down with someone even if they do not match.

The red box made by squares represents the person or their personal boundaries. The green circles represent who they are as a person. The yellow triangle represent them putting up a persona or their best self to find a partner. It also represents wariness. The yellow background helps exaggerate the wariness of a person seeking someone to share a BTO.

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  1. omg minjee this is really insightful about the BTO policy…. :'( which is yes unfair to many people who don’t exist within the norm of a nuclear family/couple. also the shapes and colours have a lot of uniqueness and dynamism!! great work aaa :’D

  2. I love the use of colours, it really gives the work more dimensions! The work is also slightly unsettling like your context with a slight asymmetry haha, but overall still feels balanced!

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