Creative Industry Report: Jaime Hayon

One of the terms that frequent in the design community is ‘function’. I used to place a lot of importance on it. However, it was the designer and artist Jaime Hayon who influenced me to learn there is more to a good design than function. Hayon suggests it should be able to provoke emotions. The theme is what gives the design a soul and story.


Jaime Hayon blends the distinctions between design and art. Like such, he traverses various mediums like furniture, sculpture, installations, lights and so on. His diverse body of work is unified through his bold and whimsical nature. I love how this gives his work has a strong dreamlike personality that is hard to forget. 


The name of his exhibition in Daelin Museum, Korea; ‘Serious Fun’, represents his nature well. I had the fortunate opportunity to see the exhibition in person.


I especially enjoyed the ‘Cabinet of Wonders’ section that showcases his sketches and the pieces that originated from it. The confidence in the strokes of his sketches were eye catching. Perhaps it is not the most accurate depiction but it was expressive and communicative. It is easy to get caught up with the practical details but like Hayon sometimes it is more important to capture the essence of the idea that popped up.


Hayon works with furniture company Fritz Hansen. I admire how the soft curves showcased in his furniture pieces puts the viewer at ease. They look read to embrace and comfort you. The RO chair is my personal favorite. RO is the Danish word for tranquility. It is aptly named because once seated, the chair creates a small bubble for you. This allows for relaxation and reflection where you can immerse in the moment and the curves of the chair.

Like Jaime Hayon, I would like to elicit an emotional response and connection through my work.