IM Artist Selection: Yuri Suzuki

Yuri Suzuki


Brief Overview

Yuri Suzuki is a sound artist, designer, and electronic musician who explores sounds and its effects on viewers through his pieces.

He was always interested in ambient noise and thus is challenging whether it is possible to ‘re-design’ man made sounds we hear in our day to day life. For instance, Suzuki would want to re-design the noise of public transport or construction in cities. Most of his art pieces require people to be part of it by either experiencing it in person or playing around with it.

“OTOTO” is a musical kit that allows user to connect it to any everyday object ranging from a banana to a sweater to create music. “Furniture Music” is an attempt in re-designing everyday appliances like kettles and washing machines to to turn to noise into sound. If a pleasant sound is emitted, it will help enhance the harmony and peace for our surroundings.


One of the reasons I enjoy Yuri Suzuki’s works is because he has an appreciation and understanding for sounds in everyday life. For example, his piece “Furniture Music”, evaluates how to create blaring noises from appliances like the washing machine and blender enjoyable. In addition, “The Sound of Waves” brings together the sound of waves from different locations all over the world. By tracking data regarding the speed and height of the waves, motorized cylinders with beads inside to tilts and emulates the soothing sounds.

Furthermore, he is interested in connecting people with sounds. For instance, “OTOTO” lets anyone create sound from everyday objects.

As such, I enjoy his viewpoint where he incorporates his art pieces into everyday life and allows the audience to play with and interact with his pieces.



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