Task 3 & 4: Design Outcome


This project addresses the road construction in Bijarim forest, Jeju Island, South Korea. The construction is aiming at widening a 2 lane road as well as preparing for increase in traffic if the second airport is constructed. However, the environmental affect of this construction is considerable.

Thus, this project aims to brand and unify the movement against the construction as a tied campaign. Some of the ways attempted to attain this goal was by choosing a set color scheme, font, and a mascot.


Deliverable 1: pamphlet

Deliverable 1 is a pamphlet that can handed out on streets or placed on doors or in mailboxes.

The inside has 4 sections.

      1. Front and back cover
        Introduces the mascot and tagline ‘Not Your Tycoon Game’.
      2. About
        Introduction to the issue of Bijarim road expansion. A neutral tone is used.
      3. Why care?
        Breakdown of the detrimental affects on the environment. Icons are used for easy understanding.
      4. How to care?
        Leads the viewers to the 2nd deliverable. A way for caring and taking part in the movement will be taking part in the protest. To assist in this, a protestor starter kit is provided

Once opened up fully, the back of the pamphlet reveals a full sized version of the mascot on the cover. This can be incorporated as a poster or placard.


Deliverable 2: protestor starter kit

To perk the interest of the public as well as to help have a unified movement, the 2nd deliverable is a protestor starter kit.

Two different packaging were created.

    1. Package / Bag
      This package can be used as a bag once the user has made two holes on the side and thread anything through it. It is a compact size that allows the user to carry essentials such as their phone or small snacks.
    2. Package /  Placard
      This package outer surface is designed as a placard. The flat surface of the opening flap of the package allows it to stand on its own like a calendar. Thus, the placard design can be shown on display. At the same time, its perforated edges allows the user to tear out the placards. This placard has back and front. During the protest, protestors can flip the placard back and forth according to the speaker’s instructions.

Both packaging contains the same content inside:

    1. Mask
    2. Instructions
    3. Keychain 



A test print would have proved effective especially since both deliverables (pamphlet and packaging) was meant for physical interaction by the user.

Some possible future developments for this project includes making a summer protestor starter kit. Considering the climate of a hot summer, a fan or sun cap could be useful additional or handouts on the street to promote the cause. In addition, as pointed out by professor Michael, the first version of the  protestor starter kit could produce sound as a percussion instrument.

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