Hello World! : Origami Portfolio Kit

Concept: since childhood, a love for the medium of paper, reflecting on my work and personality— versatile and meticulous.

Presenting my portfolio as an origami kit— origami box + square presentation cards— to be presented alongside my digital portfolio. Including a small leave behind, a mini version of my portfolio kit origami box, with the QR code inside to my digital portfolio and personal details.

Patterns for the origami paper used were from existing portfolio works, showcasing textures and patterns I have created for the exterior.

Portfolio link


Research: Powerful Knowledge

Key subject matter:

Power, knowledge, education, schools, information

What motivates me?

In my own experience, education is the largest contributing factor in social mobility. Upon hearing the education experiences of my peers, I became interested in exploring how curricula have changed to suit adapting times, especially in Singapore where one main purpose of education is to make an individual employable.

What can this project contribute?

Raise awareness about the powers behind education and curriculum of schools.