The Idea: News Accessibility Around The World

The idea is compare international news accessibility all over the world, by visualising the consumption of a global trending topic in all the nations of the world.

First I will need: data (live, constantly updated)

  1. Trending news topic—this topic has to be global, predetermined already by a news source. Potential sources could be or @trendingtopics on Twitter.
  2. Metadata—collection of “mentions” about the trending topic in various forums/platforms. I will need the information, the metadata, of the “mention”, namely the quantity, location and time. Potential sources I intend to look from include Twitter and online news networks (preferably, the national paper of the country).

Second I will need: visual

  • Processing sketch, likely utilising P3D (for 3-dimensional visuals)
  • The data (quantity) will have to be geographically by nation.

My main visual reference will be Income Inequality by Herwig Scherabon

Challenges I expect to face:

Really, I’m most worried about collecting the data, especially working with live feeds. Previously I had worked with static data that was already recorded and formatted. I intend to first figure out how to import data from Twitter (which is live and constantly updating, so it could be more dynamic), which will be my main challenge.