Project 1a

Task 1: Me

Life Journey
The Crossroads
Unconventional Route

For this series of photos, I wanted the three photos to tell a story, something like a story board rather than three totally different pictures. This three photos tell my life story. The first photo show me walking on a road in a wild open field. The road symbolises my life journey and the wild open field depicts society, harsh and unknown. Sometimes I feel like its me against the whole world, that is why I am the only soul in this series of photos. I like to present myself nicely towards others that explains why I am nicely dressed in this series.

The second photo shows me approaching a crossroad. It depicts a time in my life when I have to choose between a few life choices and really unsure which path to take. I am looking at my choices and weighing them carefully in my mind. And finally the third photo shows me bashing through the grass and not taking any of the conventional paths or the choices, paths, that I am suppose to take. It really shows my life right now as I have always been in the math and engineering path and now in university I chose design over engineering. Nobody would expect that and I am trying to show that in life sometimes we have to take risk, take chances. Because sometimes taking risk or going to the unconventional path will lead you to success or your final destination quicker and faster.


Task 2: Object and representation of self

The Light
Imma’ Gangster

This photo series is in black and white to show the darkness of the message I am trying to convey and me feeling emotionless.

The object I chose for this task is a Cigarette. Cigarettes are very close to me as a smoker. What I am trying to show in the first photo is how I have to always smoke in the dark, not being able to smoke openly especially when I am with family and friends. Often I would have to go to a dark corner, behind people’s back to smoke. The light signifies hope for me. A glimpse of hope within the darkness. I am holding onto the light very tightly, which shows me holding on to hope, the only hope I have.

The second photo is depicting society’s view on me, on smokers. Smokers are often stereotype as gangsters, unwanted and useless to society. As for the third photo, it shows a clear cigarette pack with the word warning on it which depicts society’s clear warning message to smokers. As a result I am blurred off at the back, fading away into the darkness. The gap between me at the cigarette pack shows how I am drifted away from society, feeling detached and unwanted. I am looking hopelessly at the cigarette pack and there is nothing that I can do.


Task 3: My World




For this task, I chose my hall Pioneer Hall to best represent my world. Having started school now, I have always been in my hall. Spending almost six full days here a week. This have now been my world and my life. I really like my hall as it is very peaceful and I like the serenity feel. The building is beautifully structured and there is a vast eco-friendly system in its design. This whole photo series is taken during sunset where I normally go back to my hall and it best depicts the peacefulness. The first photo shows the view that I see everyday when I walk out of my room and the second photo shows the lake and a hut that students could hang out. The third photo shows the liveliness of the place where students could exercise and barbecue. There is a structure in this photo series to show how I am a very structured person, orderly and not easily swayed by other people’s comments.


My reference artist for this assignment would be fashion photographers MIKAEL JANSSON and THIERRY LE GOUÈS. Both photographers have shot excellent photos in black and white, showing how lighting is played on the subject. I am impressed with the strong visual drive in their photos and the balance between simplicity and complexity. I want to incorporate that in my photos and show how stunning and beautiful my stories can be.




Above is a picture of my final presentation. My take away from this project is that I have learnt many good photography skills and how to take photos that explains the story better. I am not a photographer and only take photographs as an amateur to post on social media. But after this project, I have come to understand how good photographs are taken and learning from my peers in class that share amazing photos and stories. Definitely taking these photos was not an easy task. Having displaying only nine photos, I had taken almost a hundred of other photos. Most of them were not up to standard and not showing the emotion I want to portray. Hence after multiple attempts of shooting, I had finally filtered and displayed only the best out of the best in my collection. Overall it was a great experience and a fun one taking these series of photos and sharing it with the class. I hope that it would be all worth while and that everyone could appreciate my series of photos as much as I did. Thank you.

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