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This is my final submission for Project 1.

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Picture 1(from left to right): Indecisive, Aggressive, Sensual, Spontaneous, Sloven, Nonsensical, Awkward, Embarrassed, Systematic, Psychotic.

Picture 2: Turbulent, Ambiguous, Anxious, Distracted, Lyrical, Fragile, Exhausted, Bizarre.


My work is inspired from mono-printing techniques as well as pen techniques that I learn during class. The theme for my lines series is titled “Child’s Play”. I want to inject an element of fun and exploration in my work and viewers are taken back in time to when they were just kids. My work depicts a child exploring his creativity and there is also a sense of trippiness and hallucination.


Of course my work was also inspired by other artists.

Wassily Kandinsky


Kandinsky is a Russian painter and theorist. His works are mainly abstract and I am inspired by his unique works. I really like how he showed his creativity in using simple shapes to create such marvellous works. It also suits my theme and a child’s play and the trippy feeling. I followed his works in my “Awkward” lines as I wanted to show how just using circle and lines could make things awkward for the viewer.


Andy Warhol


Andy Warhol is an American artist who is a leading figure in Pop Art. He is very influenced by the Pop culture and his works are often abstract. I like how he uses bright vibrant colours to convey a certain message to the viewers. His works also have a trippy feeling and each time you look at his works you are transported into another world, like Alice in Wonderland. I used his artistic method in my “Sloven” lines as I wanted to show how a small sloven patch could look nice and aesthetically pleasing.


Ed Moses


Ed Moses is an American artist and is said to be one of the most innovative and public figures of post war West Coast art. His works too are very abstract and often has systematic lines. It shows how simple lines and colours could produce such beautiful artwork. I am inspired by this way of painting and has induce his works in my “Anxious” lines where I wanted lines to be simple yet being able to convey a message.


Here are three close-ups that I felt was the best in conveying my theme to viewers.


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I used mono-printing as the main method to do this line. What I wanted to show was the strong waves with contrasting sizes to give viewers the turbulent vibe. Viewers are transported to deadly sea storms where the waters are very choppy or in the air where there are air pockets all around. It also has a very dark feel to it as turbulent are often nightmares for most people.



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What I did for spontaneous was basically just taking up a pen and placing a dot in the centre. I started exploring from there coming up with ideas on the spot. Which resulted in this beautiful artwork of spontaneous. I wanted to show the trippiness of it and bring viewers to another dimension. Also keeping to my theme of a child’s play.



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The ambiguous was basically suppose to be unknown. There is no clear explanation of what this artwork actually is. But what I use is white paint mono-printed onto a black piece of paper then use my fingerprints to rapidly press onto it and smudge it. This is the result. It is also showing how simple kid’s method of painting could produce good and unique results.


The following images shows a few pages from my scrape book where I use to explore different ideas and document my though processes.

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