“Hello my name is _ _ _ _ _ _ _”

Hello! So this is an introduction project where we had to create typographic name tags on our first lesson. This project is an opportunity to be inventive in different genres. It expands one’s creative problem solving abilities to view a subject from different perspectives. We had to create 3 name tags.


1. Typography


For this name tag I drew a wave shape at the start followed by adding in the text. It is in monochrome to show the simplicity and uniqueness.


2.  Abstract Solution


This is the abstract solution where I used different patterns to form an abstraction of my brain. There are many ideas thoughts but systematic at the same time.


3. Conceptual


I used symbols to represent myself in this name tag design. It is metaphoric, as I am illustrated by a heart and an eye. The eye is to represent my sense of sight. I like to observe first and evaluate the situation before I start speaking. The heart is to represent love. I feel that this world is lacking love and everybody should be nice to one another.


Thank you:)

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