Groovy Steps!

For this exercise, we have to use our mobile phone to create a sequence dance steps to introduce myself. It should have a 3 act structure (beginning, middle and end).


In the first part, I want to show that I am cool and I like keeping up with trends. I like K-pop too.

As for the second part, I want to show that I am sexy! Dancing to the tunes of “I’m so Sexy” by JYP and JSY.

Lastly, I’m also random at times so… That’s me dancing to Gangnam Style:)


The following video is a group project done by myself and 2 other talented friends.

The video is titled “Forbidden Froot”, it is an adaptation of The Little Mermaid.

In The Little Mermaid, Ariel traded her voice for legs to be with her lover. In our take, Adam changed her sex and cuts off her ties with her family and friends to be with the guy she loves; to be a part of his world. Both stories are about unrequited love, and the lengths a person is willing to sacrifice for love.

It is also a social commentary on gender identity in our society and the difference between sexual orientation and gender identity. Gender identity is one’s concept of self as male, female, or a blend of both that may or may not be the same the as their assigned sex at birth whereas sexual orientation, which most people are familiar with, is an enduring romantic, physical, and emotional attraction to other people.

Tinder is the main modus of conversation in our film, which is apt as the quick dating app needing you to like or dislike a person before you can view the next profile, which makes people to make judgement mostly for superficial reasons (looks and grammatical errors on the extremely short profile caption, pretty much it). Here we see the impact of online social media/dating sites: It allows one to take on another persona/who they want to be in real life but impeded by certain drawbacks (in this case, being born in the wrong gender).


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