Walking Home

Task 1

Using a still camera, create a series of photographs to share your idea and opinion about your home.



6 offset prints with matte lamination

Photo 7 Photo 2

Photo 1 Photo 6

Photo 5  Photo 8

Photo 4 Photo 3

This series of photographs show what I see when I go back home. Simple objects and parts of the house but it has a deep meaning to me. The photographs are void of people because my house is empty most of the time. Parents working late, sister in school, these are just some reasons why my house is always empty. I myself too, do not come back home often. This makes me miss my family very much.

The first 2 photographs show the first 2 places where I will look after I open the front door. Other people might not like the messy shoes but to me when there are more shoes, it means that my family members are back. The balcony is where I will look next to see if my mum is home. If she is home, she will most probably be standing there ironing the clothes or doing the laundry.

The next 2 images is in my room. The collection of sunglasses and caps are where I will go to first after entering my room to place the items back to their “home-base”. The window in my room is where sunlight always shine through and show life in my room.

The following 2 images souvenirs and photo frames that we, as a family, have collected over the years. My family might not meet very often but we make it a point to go on a family holiday yearly. When I am feeling lonely or sad, I will look at these items to remind me of the happy memories we had as a family.

Lastly, the bottom 2 photographs show what I see at night when I am going to sleep in my room. The first photograph shows a shadow of my mum as she approaches my room. Since young I hated this sight as it means that my mum is going to scold me for not sleeping. But as I grow older, it is this shadow, this sight that I am yearning for. The second photograph shows my room’s ceiling. I have those “glow-in-the-dark” stars since young and it has ever since been there. Whenever I look at them, there is this peaceful and serenity feeling as I reflect on what I have done during the day.




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