Typographic Portrait Problem: Research

For this project, I wanted it to have a more 3D feel to it as I am more product designing inclined. I wanted my artwork to have pop-ups and could be interactive.

The first idea I had was to do paper origami. From past experiences I have folded many different types of shapes and design and I think it could be interesting to use origami in this project.


Robert J. Lang is one of my artist reference. His works involve origami and he is very creative in presenting his work. These are a few of his works and his website link.




These are some of other origami images that I came across on the web and I wanted my artwork to have textured origami as well.

paper-origami-jun-mitani-06 1082112696


I have also viewed senior’s past projects as inspirations as they are really good and I have much to learn. These are paper cut outs that seniors have used:




This is one of my projects that I did last semester which involves paper origami. It is a light shelter that could be worn on your head. It has 3 different types of origami folds and the design was very well-received.


I am looking forward to doing this project as I feel that I could make an interesting art piece. With these research, I am moving forward with making the first design and prototype.


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