Typographic Portrait: Final

For my final submission i used the theme “Paper Cranes” because cranes in Asian culture are used to symbolise happiness and eternal youth.


The first piece shows that I am youthful.


Cranes fly in a V-formation and I wanted to show a flock of birds flying with energy and youthfulness. It describes me because I don’t like to work alone and feels more comfortable when I have people around me. I am also very youthful and I am very energise whenever I am going out with friends. The cranes are carrying the letters of my name just like in cartoons where cranes carry babies.


The second piece is an extension of the first piece. It shows that I am forsaken.


This lonely crane is placed beside the flock of cranes. It symbolises that sometimes I am forsaken and forgotten.


The third piece shows that I am imperfect.


Everybody is imperfect and there are always things that we can improve on. The outline of this picture is a crane, bringing it back to the main theme of my final submission. The black hard paper cut outs are used to hide the imperfections, something like to cover up your ugly side and only showing your nice side. I sometimes only show my good side and often hide my imperfections from others.


The last piece shows that I am systematic.


This is a paper cut out of the folds to create the paper crane. I have darkened my name “MATT” in the design. It is to show that my systematic is a process to become the paper crane which leads to the rest of my qualities. Without being systematic I could not achieve the final goal.


This is my final submission being mounted on the wall.


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