Project 2: The Singapore Diary

For this project, the place that I wanted to show is my previous school, Singapore Polytechnic. Singapore Polytechnic has brought me many memories as I had made a lot of good friends and enjoyed myself in all the activities that I had participated in the school. But after graduation I had not been back for quite a while. Leaving two years for National Service and currently in NTU. I wanted to go back, and rediscover the familiar sights and sounds that I use to experience about five years ago.


After being back at the school, I realise that it had change so much, from the last time I remembered it to be. The school had upgraded, with better facilities being installed. The trip back brought back so many memories…


Singapore Polytechnic has given us a good education. But is education the only thing that we got out of Singapore Polytechnic? That it the main question that the video is drawing at. In the video, I interviewed four of my friends that I made in polytechnic and were from a variety of courses. There were five questions that I asked during the interview with them:

  1. What did you study in SP, and how was your overall experience?
  2. Why did you choose SP?
  3. Did you join other activities or CCA?
  4. Can you describe one of the best moments you spend in this place?
  5. Was education the only thing you got out of SP?


Enjoy the video…


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