Month: April 2016

Zine: Final

The following images are pages from my finalised zine.         Overall I had fun doing this project and I liked it a lot! I really like my zine and maybe an improvement is that there could actually be real paper cut outs in the zine. Thank you Ina for your help and encouragement throughout this whole semester.… Read more →

Zine: Process

I have now decided that my zine should have elements of tracing paper as well as Korean words. I will now be elaborating on how I tend to showcase the 3 different traits about myself that was previously mentioned in my zine.   Greed 욕심. I came up with a poem to be placed beside the text saying: How much… Read more →

Zine: Research

Hi, for this project I want to incorporate elements from all the past projects that I did this semester. I decided to title my zine “Hello” which is also the first ever project that we did in Ina’s class this semester. Having the title Hello, I want the 8 pages zine to talk about myself and my traits. I chose… Read more →

Sound Art: Intersection

“Sound art is an artistic discipline in which sound is utilised as a medium. Like many genres of contemporary art, sound art is interdisciplinary in nature, or takes on hybrid forms.”   I have Googled for sound installations and was drawn and attracted to particularly one of them. The artwork is titled Intersection and it is a sound installation by Don Ritter. So what happens in… Read more →

The Untold Story

When coming up with ideas for this project I had some difficulties. I can’t come up with a good idea that is interesting yet innovative. My earlier ideas include fixing a touch pool in the library so that books could come to “Life”. But this idea was not good enough. Finally after brainstorming for a few days, I came up… Read more →

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