The Untold Story (Research)

Hi, so for our final project we have to create an installation to be place in the ADM library. It sounds pretty interesting as it is like exhibiting our artwork in a real public space. Not only my classmates will be able to view the work but everyone that visits the ADM library.

The first part was to do some research, observe the space in the library and what do people do in the library. I did some field observation on my own and the following images are what I have gathered.

IMG_6593  -This is the floor map of the ADM library.

IMG_6600IMG_6595IMG_6597 IMG_6596IMG_6598IMG_6599 IMG_6603IMG_6604IMG_6605IMG_6606IMG_6608IMG_6609

IMG_6618 -Students are always seen studying at ADM library.

I have also interviewed a few students asking them what do they normally go to the library for and the most common answer was to study. Students also go there to rest on sofa couches during lesson breaks. Some of the go to the library for the printing and scanning facilities.


At this moment I plan to do an installation that is interactive so that students will not feel so stress when they are studying and could take a break.

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