The Untold Story

When coming up with ideas for this project I had some difficulties. I can’t come up with a good idea that is interesting yet innovative. My earlier ideas include fixing a touch pool in the library so that books could come to “Life”. But this idea was not good enough.

Finally after brainstorming for a few days, I came up with this idea of The Untold Story.

The Untold Story is an interactive installation that allows users to pick words or phrases from a box to fill in the blanks on the board. Words and phrases provided are taken from various books and the template with blanks are just guidelines. The book titles where the words and phrases are from are printed behind. The main idea is that everyone read books but every individual also has their own unique perspectives. People selectively cherry pick and filter whatever they want to hear. This installation is to explore the variety of narratives from different perspectives. It is up to the users to pick whatever words or phrases they want to finish the untold story. I also want users to share their version of The Untold Story via hashtag #admTUS.

I surveyed places to put this installation and finally chose this spot in the library.

IMG_6975 2IMG_6977

The reason why I chose this spot is because when viewing the installation, the glass wall allows users to see the row of books at the back which creates the mood and intention of this installation. It is from books where the words and phrases are from.


This is how my final installation looks like,



and the text that follow.



The height and space in my opinion is perfect. I like the final outcome of the installation and I can say that I have learn a lot of this project. I also get to see all my classmates installations which were great as well and some were pretty interesting. Some feedback that I gathered was that the fonts of the cards could be bigger and the phrases could be shorter.



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