Walking Home 2

Task 2

Building on the idea from Task 1, create a piece of moving image work not lasting more than 5 mins. Explore how sound can be used to enhance your story-telling.

Walking Home

Video w text

For this work I want to show how I feel each time I go back home. The video starts of with me texting my mum and she replies me that she will not be home and neither will dad. When I arrive back home, I always call out to my mum and dad first to check if they are home but most of the time, they are not. What is home? I then ask myself. Whenever I am feeling lonely, I always take out the family photo-books or look at my family’s holiday photographs.

In the last part, I realised that home is where one’s domestic affections are centered. It is not how often we meet but as long as we know we are there for one another. Love your family, because they will be there for you always.

I want the show the emptiness in the house at the start then followed by a warm family reunion at the end. The song accompanying this video is “Coming Home, Pt. II” by Skylar Grey.

Some difficulties that I had filming this video is the short time we had to produce this video. During that short time, I am also rarely home and am unable to film. Getting my family together was another challenge also. Overall, I feel that this project was a good experience and I definitely learn a lot from it.

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