Zine: Research

Hi, for this project I want to incorporate elements from all the past projects that I did this semester. I decided to title my zine “Hello” which is also the first ever project that we did in Ina’s class this semester. Having the title Hello, I want the 8 pages zine to talk about myself and my traits.

I chose 3 main traits about myself that I felt were the most important.


  1. Greed

I feel that greed is the biggest negative trait about myself. I always want more and I am never satisfied no matter how much I have.


2. Systematic

I am a very systematic person and I always want things to be neat and tidy.


3. Imperfect

Everybody is imperfect and have their own flaws. I often feel that my views and voices are never heard.


I am greatly inspired by zines that have tracing paper in them. It brings out the mysteriousness yet uniqueness in its design. I find it cool because the main attention is the prints on the tracing paper but you can also see the images on the following page which serves as a background. Here is an example.


This is a handmade zine by David Pena.


The following images are more examples of using tracing paper in zines.




Examples of the zines that Ina showed us in class were very useful and helpful as well. There were projects that had tracing paper in them and they look gorgeous. I used them as examples and learn the techniques from them of how they place the images.

Besides using tracing paper in my zine, I am also very interested in the Korean culture and words. I used Korean words for my previous project and will most likely be using it in my zine as well.


This is a Korean zine by an unknown artist.

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