Chinese Heritage Centre

Image: Chvictor

For today’s Spacial Design lesson, we had a field trip to NTU’s Chinese Heritage Centre. It was a good learning experience as I learnt a lot about NTU’s origins. It wasn’t the first time I step into the Chinese Heritage Centre but this time it was a more educational one. This build is the heart of NTU and also the first building that was erected. It still kept the original designs and it is preserved really well. I really like the overall architecture of this building.

Details, Roof of Chinese Heritage Centre

We also had a tour inside the museum and was told about NTU’s history. The layout of the exhibition is very systematic and orderly. It had a clean and sleek information board which made it easy to read. The space in the Chinese Heritage Centre was properly thought of and artefacts were nicely placed.

Lookout Point from Chinese Heritage Centre

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