Chen Yue & Matthew – Week 7

Having a mechanical installation could best represent NTU as a technological university and having to power the installation using a series of cooperative movements depicts the “Nantah Spirit” and teamwork.

This week, we looked into the technical aspect and forms of the pedal boat.


Technical Aspect

As discussed last week, we will be using two pedal boats to drive a linear pulley system. There will only be movement when people on the pedal boat starts pedalling. There will be two pedal boats attached to this pulley system and each boat could fit one or two persons.


This is an example of a ride at an amusement park that utilises a pulley system.

We researched on the mechanism and how the pedal boat works. It is similar to the pedals on a bicycle and pedalling it in rotations drives the pulley which rotates the propeller, resulting in a forward movement of the boat.

We also went on to research about pulley cable materials. The following table shows a comparison of strength from the different types of materials.

As a conclusion, we would suggest using stainless steel wire rope as it is corrosion resistant and robust. The stainless steel rope will be attached to both pedal boats and around the pulley.

Stainless Steel Wire Rope 304 - 6x19 Class - 1×19-IWRC-Type-304/Stainless-Steel-Wire-Rope-304-6×19-Class-1-Lineal-Foot


Originally we wanted our installation to be on the longer side (75m), but after looking at the dimensions, the shorter length of 45m is more feasible. For the 75m length, communication between the two pedal boats would be difficult as they are too far apart. In addition, having a long pulley system attached to the pedal boat would make pedalling difficult.


Forms of the Pedal Boat

The width of the pedal boats could vary to fit one or two persons. Solar panels are installed at the top of each pedal boat to absorb sunlight as energy and it will be converted to light when the sky turns dark. Students and faculties will still be able to experience and enjoy the installation at night and it will be a new attraction in NTU where people can relax and rejuvenate. There are two designs below and for design 2, there are three variations.


Design 1


Design 2

Variation 1


Variation 2


Variation 3



This video is about a new pedal boat technology that has an electric motor to make pedalling easier. The solar panels installed at the top of our pedal boats could be used to power the electric motor.


This video is a review of a popular pedal boat. A more feasible method could be using an existing pedal boat and modifying the exterior to suit the needs of our installation.

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