Chen Yue & Matthew – Week 10


Last week, we talked about incorporating the excavator into our design. We came up with the dimensions of our pedal boat and showed how the light signal works to have the element of teamwork.

Suggestions we had last week was to add the excavator’s arm into our design to have a more symbolic meaning.


This Week

This week, we drew out how the whole installation will work including the pulley system, added in details on the pedal boat including the excavator’s arm and we’ll be showing some renderings of our installation.

Here are some of our sketches with the excavator’s arm:

From the 6 designs, we shortlisted 4 designs:

This is our final design with the excavator’s arm and we added in slits so that rainwater will not be collected as it is an outdoor installation.

Excavator’s Arm


Here are some of the other features on the pedal boat:

Indication Switch
Adjustable Seats


We also drew out in detail how the installation will be installed at the lake as well as the mechanism of the pulley system. The platform will be built slightly outwards from land, where guests can stand on to board the pedal boats.

This is how it will be installed at the Nanyang Lake.
Underwater view of the installation.

The bumper guide is necessary to guide the pedal boat into a locking position so that guests will be able to board and alight. Guests will be able to board the pedal boat from the platform. There will also be a locking device that secures the pedal boats to the platform when guests are about to board and alight to ensure good safety practice. Both pedal boats will reach the respective platforms at opposite ends at the same time.

Here are some rendered images to have a better understanding of our installation:

Installation Mechanism
Human Interaction
Direction of Movement
Installation at Nanyang Lake
Google Maps of Installation

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