Project Sketch

Sketch 1

How does the Audience interact with the project?

  • There are two parts to the project.
  • First the audience will have to enter an interstice space where they will be greeted by a console.
  • The console will play music and poetry that is designed to bring forth the participant’s suppressed thoughts.
  • They will then be invited to type these thoughts into the console.
  • Whatever they type will be then sent to the ‘Vault’ (which is another room)
  • The vault contains all the words typed in the console by every participant
  • The participant will be allowed to enter this room
  • In the vault, they will be able to interact with the words.
  • eg. They can pick up the controller and shoot down the words that they typed.


Anatomy of Project

  1. Participant types in Thoughts into a console
  2. Thoughts are typed into an online document
  3. Vault receives data from online document
  4. Projects online document


Is it for a single person or multiple people?

  • Multiple people will be able to type in their thoughts and it will be stored in the vault
  • Only one console will probably be made, so one participant types in his thoughts at a time
  • Multiple people can go inside the room and see thoughts being projected
  • But only one person will be able to use the controller to interact with the words at one point of time


What is the interaction/situation we are creating for the audience?

  1. Creating a safe space out of an interstice space for the Audience to type their thoughts
  2. Creating a cathartic space for the audience to interact with their thoughts
  3. Creating a chaotic space, to see what happens if the participants decides instead to interact with the words of others.


What is the intention of this interaction?

  1. To give participants catharsis from dark thoughts
  2. To see what happens ( the anarchy that happens when people interact with another’s words and when participants see this happening)


How does this interaction relate to the concept of interstice?

  1. The console will be in physical interstice locations.
  2. The project brings forward interstice thoughts.


Questions to ask

  • What would we project the words on? Just a flat surface?
  • How do you separate your project from just any other social media eg.twitter ???


Project group discussion


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