Author: Muhammad Shaherfi Hadi

Have courage and be kind :)

Bio Mimicry Research

Definition: The design and production of materials, structures, and systems that are modeled on biological entities and processes. Biomimicry is innovation inspired by nature.   Of course most of the time find bio mimicry in The world of design. It is looking to nature to find solutions to problems that nature has already solved. And adapting these solutions further to… Read more →

Reading Analysis 1

A Critique of Social Practice Art By: Ben Davis In this article, the author discusses about social practice art and criticizes it’s effectiveness and its classification as art, using the Project Row Houses as a case study.   “I was doing big, billboard-size paintings and cutout sculptures dealing with social issues…If I was an artist, he said, why didn’t I… Read more →

Artist Bio

  Artist: Muhammad Shaherfi Haidi Bin Sidin Artist Biography Shah is a Singapore-based artist that works primarily with interactive installations and game design that mixes in elements of poetry and philosophy. He is proficient in creating artworks that provides an intimate experiences for the participant. From creating a white room out of cloth to creating a projection piece in the… Read more →

A little about me

My Name: Muhammad Shaherfi Haidi Bin Sidin   Interests: Playing Games, reading books, watching shows, watching/reading analysis of the media I consume and doing the above with my siblings   For School: Games and Interactive Installations.   Favorite projects from previous sems:   Repose Purpose   Inspirations   NieR: Automata   2. Pokemon Black and White   Interactive Environments Project Augmented… Read more →

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